From the live action films of fantasy land from JK Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series, we have gathered a list of top 10 best scenes. The most popular fantasy film series of all time that bewitches the viewers. From the grounds of Hogwarts to all magical lands, we compiled this list of bewitching moments from Harry Potter movie series. We hope you’ll like it.

Here starts our list.

10Ron and Harry Saving Hermione From Troll:

This scene is consisted of some thrill, a little humor and furthermore the taste of perfect friendship. This scene is the base of friendship of the trio. Though not mentioned in movies but the first HP book states that this was the foundation moment of the best trio we love.

9Ron and Harry’s Adventures In Flying Car:

There are three instances of Ron and Harry sharing the adventure of flying an enchanted Ford Anglia that illicitly belongs to Ron’s father, Mr. Weasley. First when Weasley brothers save Harry from Dursleys, then Harry and Ron use the flying car to depart for Hogwarts but instead make their arrival on whomping willow and the third scene when that enchanted car saves them from a colony of fierce Acrumantulas. All three scenes are thrilling and having fun.

8Hermione Punching Draco:

Whoa, the Draco Malfoy is punched by one whom he deliberately calls mudblood, a high swear word for those who possess muggle parenthood. This scene is not only liked by viewers but even Ron and Harry gave a token of admiration of that punch.

Ronald weasely saying not good, brilliant

7Harry Killing Basilisk:

Poor little Harry against a huge massive serpent defenseless with just an old hat and a small bird to help. This was the scene where I started to think how Harry would survive the fight with the most fearsome beast but we owe thanks to loyalty and love that Harry succeeded in surviving the fight and kills the beast that no one could defeat.

6Dumbledore VS Voldemort Duel:

Though this scene isn’t just like my expectations, as I’d pictured the whole scene in my mind after reading books. In books it’s stated that on the arrival of Dumbledore, Harry witnessed himself why he was only the one whom Voldemort always feared but in the movie, it is somewhat below my expectations but still amazing. We observe the true magical colors of both the greatest wizards of Harry Potter’s world in the duel.

5Twin Weasleys’ Firework:

George and Fred Weasleys are among the most lovable characters of Harry Potter movies. They make everyone laugh, though poor Fred brings tears in everyone’s eyes with his death in the end. However the scene of their final academic departure from Hogwarts is no doubt amazing. They gave such a joyful relief in the environment of stress that even Professor Flitwick gave them a token of his admiration for their work.

4Not My Daughter, You *****:

So I hid the last word because it’s a swear word and I don’t want my readers to read swears. It’s the scene when the best Mommy of Harry Potter’s world saves her daughter from the most evil witch of the whole series and kills her with only some swishes and flicks of her wand. This scene is amazing and we think finally Bellatrix Lestrange got what she deserved for her crimes by an ordinary witch who only possesses the most powerful tool, the love.

3Neville’s Speech:

Neville was the boy in whole series who is taunted by everyone and he seems to be the worst student Hogwarts has ever seen but we see him improving gradually and finally he was the one who, despite limping due to injuries, but yet dares to speak against Voldemort and kills Nagini, his snake. His speech reminds us of true courage, loyalty, standing for friends against powerful enemies and sticking to morals.

2Snape’s Memories:

So here comes the unsung hero of whole series, who was hated by everyone watching the movie until at the end his true loyalty is revealed. Snape’s memories change the whole scenario of what was going on in the battle of Hogwarts. These memories reveal his true love for Harry’s mother, even after her death. Due to the flavor of love, this scene is considered among the best scenes of movies.

1Doby Rescuing Harry and His Friends:

Alas, dobby, the free house elf has died. The saddest moment of all the movies from this wizarding world. It’s the scene when Dobby, the house elf, comes to Malfoy Manor with the purpose of saving Harry and his friends. He did it quite well but on the price of his life. This scene is a perfect example of friendship and loyalty and no doubt, the tear bringing scene when he finally dies.

Final Words:

So here our list completes. Don’t forget to tell us in comments if you agree or not with us.


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