A relation is like a mutual bond where both partners have to keep things in order to keep running an healthy relationship. In this world, where men are usually supposed to be superior than women, it’s often suggested that men make more mistakes than women in relationship. Though being a man, I don’t want to agree with it but it’s a general impression. In this post, I’m going to share some advice for boys that would help them in saving relations.

Here we start.

1Always Praise Her:

All girls need admiration for being happy. If you want to win a girl’s heart, don’t forget to keep praising her. And even if she starts loving you, don’t abandon the habit of saying a few words to compliment her in a positive way. It’ll always help.

2Learn To Trust Her:

A woman wants her man to trust her blindly and the worse thing is that she’ll keep testing her man if he trusts her or not. So trust her, it would be easier than to doubt her.

3Be A Good Listener:

Women don’t want to listen too much except if you are praising them. Though they always want a good listener. Listening to your lady is much more important then stuffing your thoughts into her brain.

4Always Wish Her On Important Days:

It’s very important to wish your girl on all important days like on birthday or before some important event. It’ll remind her that you truly value her feelings.

5Always Apologize After Every Fight:

It’s your duty to ask for an apology after every fight no matter whose fault was behind it. A girl won’t admit her mistake until you pretend to be guilty. She’d forgive it was your mistake and would apologize herself if it was her.

6Don’t Make Her Envious:

A woman has a natural talent for jealousy and possession and she can’t help it. Don’t increase the level of her enviousness by doing odd things. Just stay true to her and she would not go anywhere else.

7Give Her Presents:

Who doesn’t like presents? But girls like more than anyone else. It’s not a good idea to spend more than a month without giving her any present. It could be anything, from a simple flower to an expensive ring but it’s always necessary.


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